Video production requirements

  1. The camera should be positioned and fixed straight in front of the athlete in the starting position.
  2. The camera should be placed at a height of 110-130 cm from the ground and sideways (16:9) if a mobile phone is used (approximately at the height of the eyes of a referee who is sitting in a chair).
  3. The distance of the camera from the athlete should allow the athlete to remain within the frame during the pattern execution.
  4. No zoom is allowed on the athlete's movements.
  5. Stable plan when performing each technique.
  6. If during the execution of a technique the athlete goes out of the frame, the camera can be rotated and follow the athlete, but it cannot zoom in or move from the original point.
  7. The athlete should try to choose a space which allows to perform the technique without interruption and obstacles.
  8. The athlete must wear an ITF-Approved, official Sasung Dobok
  9. The athlete must be barefoot.
  10. The video should have sound (the athlete's exhalations must be clear).
  11. The video must be uniform and may not be a compilation of any kind. Otherwise, the athlete will be disqualified.
  12. Any interference or enhancements of the video are prohibited.


Patterns presentation

The match begins with a designated pattern.

  1. Video starts at Cha-ryeot
  2. The athlete greets Taekwon
  3. Athlete takes the Joon-bi position for the pattern to be performed
  4. Pattern execution starts
  5. After the pattern is completed and after shouting the name of the pattern, the athlete returns to the Joon-bi position and waits 2-3 seconds in the Joon-bi position.
  6. End of the video.


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